Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 1-9 (pdf) ( summer’s book collection)


IELTS is the world’s most popular test for higher education and global migration. Last year, over 2 million candidates took the IELTS  test to start their journeys into education and employment.   Download Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & Vocabulary (Book+AudioCDs)

Cambridge IELTS 1 (file size: 86 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 2 (file size: 27 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 3 (file size: 22 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 4 (file size: 76 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 5 (file size: 14 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 6 (file size: 39 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 7 (file size: 99 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 8 (file size: 96 MB)

Cambridge IELTS 9 (file size: 138 MB)


Since there’re a lot of people  commented that there’s password on those files , i have checked and they still can be download (!) . But just in case you still have trouble with downloading those , here’s another link to download ( 1-9 WITH audio )




27 thoughts on “Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 1-9 (pdf) ( summer’s book collection)

  1. I can download in rar format, but need password when i tried to extract the file rar, You have the password? Thanks

  2. Oh I See, in your update blog, rar file didn’t have password and i can opened it. Thanks

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