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NEW ! WRITING TOPIC 2 (For gifted students )




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Word Formation 4

Sorry. It must be number 4 in the title of this test ! I won’t update these exercises’ key so you will have to do them in the EXE file:



* In the EXE file, exercise 2 won’t appear so if you want to do it following these 2 steps:

How to do exercise 2


Word Formation 3

Exercise 1 (FCE): In this exercise, use the word in CAPITAL at the end of each line to form a word that suitable with the gaps in that line (6 points)


The weather made their progress (0) ..impossible.. As it POSSIBLE

had been raining (56) … all night they had to  HEAVY

be very (57) … as they walked through the  CARE

thick jungle. Their good (58) … would help   JUDGE

them overcome the (59) … and get back to    SET

civilisation with only minor injuries.

Although things were (60) … they had to be   BEARABLE

(61) … because it was the only way they could  OPTIMIST

help each other through this difficult situation.

Their (62) … , chosen for his knowledge, would help LEAD

them in every way. The (63) … of this training   IMPORTANT

was to (64) … them for the special task ahead  HARD

of them. However, they had never imagined how (65) … DANGER

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