Some of social activities in VIetnam (?!) – MY BIG DISAPOINTMENT !

the first time ever i’ve enter a social activity and i thought it’s gonna be a good time and all i need are WILLINGNESS and ENTHUSIASM .the project is about helping disabled( kinda) children: visit them and give them gifts. I want to help them promoting. But it turned out to be a big disater! I had an interview with the organizers and they interviewed me as if it was a job interview. I agree that you’ll need some basic skills to join a social activity ( phylanthropy) , but their demands are too high and it stressed me out . They asked me some obscure questions(in my opinion) and i just wanted to simply join and support the project.I will show you my “JOB” interview:
A : the interviewer
B: me
A : hello , could you introduce yourself ?
B: yes, i go to *** high school and *** class. I love to join social activity and it’s my first time i have an interview .
A: so you mean that you don’t have much experience in pr ?
B: not really because i have 2 blogs about language and at first i had to share and introduce my blogs a lot and now it has views everyday!
A: you think what skills so you need to be a promoter for our project?
B: i think they will have to be confident, good a talking and enthusiastic.
A: if i asked you to do something out of your limit, can you do it?
B:(kinda stressful,sweating,don’t know what’s going on) y…es ( i simply think that they will ask me to do something about promoting and introducing)
A: could you stand in the center of the room and sing a song for me?
B: i..i’m not good at singing but i can definitely promote your project in the center of the room.
A: then do it
– and then i stand and introduce the project…
A: i’ve asked you to sing and you didn’t ….( and they she say something and i don’t even care because i was way too confusing about all the promoting stuff)
A: i think your talking skill is impressive.why don’t you join making content for the project.( WTF)
B: so can i join making content for the project?
A: no . You have signed in helping us to promote.
I agree i don’t have experience ,but if every project turn me down because of it, how can i have experience? I don’t care about if i can join in the project or not, i just simply want to help the children to have better life , so in their way to organize this project , i will not be allowed to join if i ‘m not good at anything. Since when people have to have more than their benevolence and philanthropy, enthusiasm to help the comunity, we won’t get pay for this so all is about willingness. I know that maybe i was wrong to post this, but i just want to say my opinion. I have thought that every social activity , if you are able to help and support , you will able to join. I bet that there are some people will not be able to visit and communicate with the children with the project because they are good at nothing,they just have the enthusiasm . I don’t know that if what i just said right or wrong but i know that the organizers have made me fell stressful about all these helping stuff. Above all, i just want to visit the children ,tell them story, give them gifts and talk to them that there are many people who are willing to help them ….and other things to help them believe in life. But it seems that if i can’t join one of their team( there are 4 teams which help to organize the project) ,i will not be able to meet them and play with them. But i still donate and hope that the project will be successful.



2 thoughts on “Some of social activities in VIetnam (?!) – MY BIG DISAPOINTMENT !

  1. I understand your frustration. It seems the interviewer wasn’t helpful but if you still want to do something, you can go on your own to help kids with disabilities or orphanage. Don’t let others stop your big heart of simply wanting to do good.

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