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Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL /ˈtoʊfəl/ TOH-fəl, is a standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers wishing to enroll in U.S. universities. The test is accepted by many English-speaking academic and professional institutions. TOEFL is one of the two major English-language tests in the world, the other being the IELTS.

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Peterson’s Master TOEFL Vocabulary ( summer’s book collection)


Peterson’s Master TOEFL Vocabulary will help you improve your vocabulary skills. It is designed to be user-friendly. You’ll learn many of the “right” words—words you don’t already know but that are likely to appear on your test. Peterson’s Master TOEFL Vocabulary is designed to be user-friendly. To this end, it includes features to make your preparation much more efficient.
In this book you’ll find:
Top 10 Strategies to Raise Your Score gives you test-taking strategies.• Part I provides TOEFL vocabulary basics, including strategies for learning and remembering new words.

• Part II provides a diagnostic test to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

• Part III provides the basic vocabulary review. The words you’ll encounter start with those that are relatively simple. They become relatively difficult as you continue through the book. Various learning strategies, such as learning root words, are reviewed.

• Part IV consists of two additional practice vocabulary tests. They will show you how well you have mastered the vocabulary skills presented in this book


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Are you interested in seeing the beautiful fall foliage of New England but tired of traffic jams and overbooked hotels? Then this year forget the crowds in New England and see the beautiful colors of autumn in the Catskills.5 These rugged mountains in New York State, just 90 miles northwest of New York City, are famous for the legendary tales of Rip Van Winkle, and more recently for the summer hotels that sprang up in the region during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Families trying to escape the 10 heat of New York City found the Catskills to be the perfect place to stay for a month or so each summer. By the late 1950s there were over 500 resorts and hotels offering nighttime entertainment as well as all kinds of outdoor activities. Famous comedians like Jackie Gleason, Joan Rivers, and Sid Caesar all got their start touring 15 the hotel clubs here. Since the introduction of air-conditioning and cheaper air travel, however, families have stopped coming to the Catskills in such large numbers, choosing instead more distant locations at different times of the year. Many of the Catskill hotels closed in the 1970s, but some remain and have expanded and changed 20 their facilities to meet the needs of today’s visitors.

Currently, there are many activities available to the traveler besides witnessing the changing colors of the leaves. There is an all-organic sheep farm where visitors can see how a traditional sheep farm operates. 25 There are also hundreds of miles of scenic drives in the area. Route 42, for instance, is an excellent site for spotting bald eagles. For more information on vacations in the Catskills, call the Office of Public Information.

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Happy New Year 2014 !

Happy New Year, everybody.  Let my deep wishes always surround the wonderful journey of your life. I hope in the coming year you will have a good health and smooth sailing life, and visit us 4 more and more INTERESTING things in this year. By the way, from now on, I will make a schedule. It is:

Monday—-Reading comprehension –> Grammar test –> TOEFL Error identifying exercises

Tuesday—VOA Special English –> English Stories

Wednesday & Thursday—Reading –> Speaking test

Friday—Writting and topics

Saturday—English Stories –> Reading comprehension

Sunday—Practice Test –> Reading comprehension –> Listening (I can’t find the source but I will try) –> Vocabulary (It’s Miayamazaki’s work, not me :()

Remember, this is MY schedule, not Miayamazaki. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS !

TOEFL Grammar exercise

1. What year did you _____ university?
 graduate from
 graduating from
2. It seems to be getting worse. You had better _____ a specialist.
 consult to
 consult for
 consult by
3. Chicago is a large city, _____?
 aren’t it
 doesn’t it
 won’t it
 isn’t it
4. Don’t leave your books near the open fire. They might easily _____.
 catch to fire
 catch the fire
 catch on fire
 catch with fire
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TOEFL listening No 1

Hướng dẫn làm bài thi nghe TOEFL: Bài thi có 2 phần: Bài giảng và Đoạn hội thoại. Bạn chỉ được nghe đoạn hội thoại và bài giảng DUY NHẤT 1 LẦN. Bạn sẽ cần có 1 quyển sổ để ghi lại và bài thi sẽ không tính điểm quyển sổ của bạn. Bạn cần chú ý một số câu hỏi cần có kiến thức và liên tưởng logic. Hãy cố gắng làm tốt nhất có thể. Try the best of your ability Continue reading