Instead of the pronunciation part, I have enclosed a listening test for you. I’m affaird that this year, the examiners will cut the phonetics part and replace it by another part (Listening will be most likely as there are many schools being obliged to teach their children this kind of exercise now). It is PET listening task here but I don’t think that it will be only PET because they know a lot of resources and speak about resources, they will even set more and more complicated questions. Although the last year exam was not too hard for you because they have set a question which can be found in Unit 5. However, since the latest book has come out, the Listening section may be included. We should prepare this first so if it’s real, we would know how to deal with it.

All the questions in this test can be found in some books and test papers. I don’t make up any more since this is high time we started learning. By the way, my school (Nguyen Hue High School for The Gifted) is going to have their first mock examination in this school year for you in January, so you should update more information as the hardness of these tests is increasing.

OK. And here is the link. Adminstator Mia Yamazaki has already told you the whole kits and caboodle so you should use them because these will be very effective for you later. NOW, HERE IS THE LINK TO THE TEST:




Good luck and success !



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