HELLO EVERY ONE. Sorry for my belated file but since I have to stay in my school’s dorms, I can’t upload regularly as usual now but I will keep updating new files and materials. Here is the READING 23, which mainly focuses on three types of exercise:

I. Guided cloze (20 points)

II. Open cloze (20 points)

III. Reading comprehension (30 points)

See how much you recieve. I recommend these:

0-20 points: You need to concentrate on the gist of all reading text first. Don’t skim-read as this sometimes useless. Bear in your mind that your reading skill is poor with this score. You need to practice more in order to achieve higher score. These steps are suggested:

– Read through the whole text first, guess its aim and why the writer wrote this ?

– Look at the missing blank in the previous and the next line, not end at the missing gap as sometimes the next line will give a full explanation to the gaps

– With the open cloze, if you can’t answer a gap, just make a guess. This is a hard kind of exercise

21-40 points: You are fairly good. But you have missed some point and strengthen your grammar and vocabulary skill more

41-60 points: Very well ! You have achieved advanced level in this reading test. But practice more as this is still a bit rusty every now and then

61-70 points: You are definitely an expert. You need a higher and harder exercise to practice. But remember to do these types at some point on the condition you want to strengthen your reading skill


Well, that’s enough. I don’t even achieve much in Reading test as I’m weak at all these three types of exercise. I hope you will enjoy this material. Here is the link:


Good luck and success !


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