CAE listening (VERY HARD)

This is one of the hardest type of listening exercises I’ve ever met. I’ll give you some warnings before doing this exercise:

PART 1 (SHORT CONVERSATION): Part 1 is not what you think, be careful, it’s not simple. Mainly, in part 1, scores are high but it needs general and specific idea, so listen very attentively in this part or you will fall behind (even they speak very fast !). There are three extracts and in each extract comprise of two questions. Each question answer will be placed in the character’s speech. They won’t give you any idea that can be clearly seen so you have to specify that !

PART 2 (SENTENCE COMPLETION): It’s extremely hard but just listening attentively what they say, you will find that not too difficult to do. First, you have to read through the questions only in 45 seconds (quickly, time will run out !). Then, you have to understand what’s this telling you about (If that is a story, hardness will be reduced. But that’s an introduction or representation, it will be extremely difficult because they speak very FAST !). You can listen twice, but better try your best from the first time and do not stop until your turn is over.

PART 3 (DIALOGUE): This part is normal, not too much hard, but sometimes, it’s dangerous if you are ignorant of it.  First, read throught the question and know the mainpoint (or the context) of their conversation. Answer the questions as much as possible because they change their topic a lot !

PART 4 (MULTIPLE MATCHING): You have to do both task in this section. You have to be very be careful in this part because if you answer one question wrong, here’s strong possibilty that the other will be wrong too !



TRY YOUR BEST ! Good luck and success !


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