Speaking 7

PART 1: Say briefly about your profile (7 points)

PART 2: Look at some pictrues and describe BRIEFLY about all of them (describe each pictrue only in 2 minutes) (53 points)


PART 1: Tell about your profile (name, age, job, workplace, hobbies, …)


Clear speech: 4 points

Spelling: 3 points


PIC 1 (4): This is love at first sight. They’re so embarrased that they can’t speak or tell any word. Like two people, wearing bags and just seeing each other with lovely eyes. The artist drew with no color except BLACK and WHITE but it’s a funny and lovely pic, showing their emotions very clear and in a straight way

PIC 2 (6): Describe it in a BRIEF way just to talk about a girl who kicks the ball

PIC 3 (7): This is a pic about a group singing.Their mouths open and they are over the moon ! They are busting out their voice and singing very happily – a good way to gain happiness

PIC 4 (8): Color in this pictrue are emotional in this picrtrue. Dancing has its own color. Red for fire, orange for joy, blue for surprise (or that can be color of intelligence !), yellow for beauty and green for peace. Four girls, dancing in their own color, are really on fire


Try your best. Good luck !



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