Word Formation 3

Exercise 1 (FCE): In this exercise, use the word in CAPITAL at the end of each line to form a word that suitable with the gaps in that line (6 points)


The weather made their progress (0) ..impossible.. As it POSSIBLE

had been raining (56) … all night they had to  HEAVY

be very (57) … as they walked through the  CARE

thick jungle. Their good (58) … would help   JUDGE

them overcome the (59) … and get back to    SET

civilisation with only minor injuries.

Although things were (60) … they had to be   BEARABLE

(61) … because it was the only way they could  OPTIMIST

help each other through this difficult situation.

Their (62) … , chosen for his knowledge, would help LEAD

them in every way. The (63) … of this training   IMPORTANT

was to (64) … them for the special task ahead  HARD

of them. However, they had never imagined how (65) … DANGER

it would turn out to be.


56 heavily
57 careful
58 judgement
59 setback
60 unbearable
61 optimistic
62 leader
63 importance
64 harden
65 dangerous

Exercise 2 (CPE): In this exercise, complete the missing parts of the incomplete word in order to complete them (4 points)

1. They were calling_____ REPEAT_____ for assistance, but to no avail. 

2. For many people Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is the most _____INFLUEN_____ figure in the history of western classical music. 

3. His ____ORDINARY______talent was already clearly evident as a young man. 

4. The exacted whereabouts of the party’s true accounts was a ZEAL_________ guarded secret. 

5. MERC__________, he survived a rather unconventional childhood.

6. His __________BRING__________ was all the more strange because of the attitude of his parents. 

7. He did not find his blindness _____ABLE_____; on the contrary, his other senses were heightened in compensation. 

8. Despite his great grades from school, he was regarded as an __________ACHIEVE__________at work because of his laziness. 

9. Chalk and cheese are totally ______RELATE_______ to each other. 

10. The tension was ______HIGH________ by the clever use of music in the shower scene of Psycho. 



1. repeatedly

2. influential

3. extraordinary

4. zealously

5. mercifully

6. upbringing

7. disabling

8. underachiever

9. unrelated

10. heightened



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