Word formation 3

1)  We need to find a _______________to the problem as soon as possible. (solve)
2)  Juan speaks English fluently and makes very few _______________mistakes. (grammar)
3)  The teacher keeps a record of every student’s _______________. (attend)
4)  Air-conditioning is a ________________if you live somewhere like the south of Spain. (necessary)
5)  Don’t be afraid of the dog.  He’s absolutely _______________. (harm)
6)  The company is trying hard to improve customer _______________. (satisfy)
7)  Measures were taken around the world to _______________airport security after the 11 September attacks. (tight)
8)  We’re going to change our suppliers as they have become very _______________in the last year. (rely)
9)  Patricia’s very _______________. She writes short stories, paints and makes mosaics. (create)
10) We need your _______________at the bottom of the page. (sign)
11)  The index at the back of the book is in _______________order. (alphabet)
12)  The fans waved _______________as the film star stepped out of the limousine. (excite)
13)  Chickenpox is a highly _______________disease which many people catch as a child. (infect)
14)  Matt is very _______________. He wants to be number one at everything. (compete)
15)  Harry loves cars and he’s so _______________about them. (knowledge)
16)  There is little _______________of the president being re-elected. (likely)
17)  The prime minister thinks there may be a _______________to overthrow him.  (conspire)
18)  In _______________with Tokyo, London and Paris are relatively cheap. (compare)
19)  The police were unable to _______________that she had committed the crime. (proof)
20)  The president’s speech went on for so long that I almost died of _______________! (bore)



1)  solution
2)  grammatical
3)  attendance
4)  necessity
5)  harmless
6)  satisfaction
7)  tighten
8)  unreliable
9)  creative
10) signature

11)  alphabetical
12)  excitedly
13)  infectious
14)  competitive
15)  knowledgeable
16)  likelihood
17)  conspiracy
18)  comparison
19)  prove
20)  boredom

—–Good luck and success !—–


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