TOEFL Errors identifying exercise (No 2)

1. Each of the nurses report to the operating room when his or her name is called.
A. of the 
B. report 
C. his or her name 
D. is called 
2. Because blood from different individuals may different in the type of antigen on the surface of the red cells and the type of antibody in the plasma, a dangerous reaction can occur between the donor and recipient in a blood transfusion.
A. Because 
B. different 
C. can occur 
D. and 
3. Both viruses also genes are made from nucleoproteins, the essential chemicals with which living matter duplicates itself.
A. also 
B. are 
C. living 
D. itself 
4. Although the Red Cross accepts blood from most donors, the nurses will not leave you give blood if you have just had a cold.
A. accepts 
B. leave 
C. give 
D. had 
5. Economists have tried to discourage the use of the phrase “underdeveloped nation” and encouraging the moreaccurate phrase “developing nation” in order to suggest an ongoing process.
A. to discourage 
B. the use 
C. encouraging 
D. the more
6. Since infection can cause both fever as well as pain, it is a good idea to check a patient’s temperature.
A. can cause 
B. as well as 
C. to check 
D. a patient’s 
7. Nuclear powers production in the US is controlled by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC].
A. powers 
B. is 
C. controlled 
D. the 
8. The intent of the Historical Society is to restore old buildings and the increase of interest in the history of thearea.
A. intent of 
B. is 
C. the increase of 
D. area 
9. The volume four of our encyclopedia set has been missing for two months.
A. The volume 
B. our 
C. has been missing 
D. for 
10. Professor Duncan teaches both anthropology as well as sociology each fall.
A. teaches 
B. both 
C. anthropology 
D. each fall
11. Because helicopters are capable of hovering in midair, they are particularly useful for rescue missions, military operates, and transportation.
A. Because 
B. of hovering 
C. particularly 
D. operates 
12. All of we students must have an identification card in order to check books out of the library.
A. we 
B. have 
C. out 
D. of 
13. Sometime several nations become partners in a larger political state, as for example, the four nations joined in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
A. Sometime 
B. several nations 
C. become 
D. as for example 
14. The Gray Wolf, a species reintroduced into their native habitat in Yellowstone National Park, has begun to breed naturally there.
A. reintroduced 
B. their native habitat 
C. has begun 
D. naturally 
15. Major advertising companies have traditionally volunteered its time to public service accounts.
A. advertising 
B. traditionally 
C. its 
D. to public
16. Coconut oil produces a soap whom will lather in salt water as well as fresh.
A. produces 
B. whom 
C. salt water 
D. fresh 
17. The organizers of the charity were more than surprised at how many people lined up to receive the clothesdonating by the outgoing mayor.
A. more than surprised 
B. how many 
C. donating 
D. the outgoing 
18. Until recently, women were forbidden by law from owning property.
A. Until recently 
B. were 
C. by law 
D. from owning 
19. Rudolph Nureyev has become one of the greatest dancer that the ballet world has ever known.
A. has become 
B. the greatest 
C. dancer 
D. ever known 
20. Tea did not become popular in Europe until the mid 17th century when it has been first imported to England and Holland.
A. did not become 
B. it 
C. has been 
D. first

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