Reading Comprehension 6

7c23df87bf06369d067b811674f30742Surrealism was a movement in graphic art and literature that was founded in Paris, in 1924, by Andr Breton. Inspired by another movement in art called Dadaism, the Surrealist movement has been one of the most influential art movements in the 20th century. It eventually 5 had a worldwide audience, flourishing notably in the United States during World War II. Surrealism focused on the role of the unconscious in the creative process. In a nihilistic protest, it rejected all aspects of Western culture. Surrealist writers, such as Aragon and Soupalt, believed in directly transcribing onto paper anything their 10 unconscious mind wished them to. They never altered or revised what they wrote because that would have interfered with the purity of their creation. Surrealist painters, a group that included such famous names as Miro, Dali, and Ernst, displayed a wide variety of style and content. Though Breton was the founder of this movement, his 15 strong leadership style brought about dissent, which resulted in several of the painters officially breaking away from the movement.


1. With what topic is this passage primarily concerned?
(A) influential painters such as Miro, Dali, and Ernst
(B) the Surrealist movement in graphic art and literature
(C) nihilism as an aspect of the Surrealist movement
(D) Andr Breton’s leadership style
2. As used in line 1, which of the following is the closest in meaning to the phrase”a movement”?
(A) a trend
(B) an action
(C) an exercise
(D) a gesture
3. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “inspired” in line 2?
(A) excited
(B) influenced
(C) stifled
(D) created
4. Why does the author mention Dadaism?
(A) to demonstrate the importance of Surrealism
(B) to give background information about Surrealism
(C) to show the lack of influence of Dadaism
(D) to infer that Andr Breton rejected Dadaism
5. What does “it” refer to in line 7?
(A) a protest
(B) the unconscious
(C) Surrealism
(D) the creative process
6. The word “altered” in line 10 means
(A) changed
(B) forgot
(C) believed
(D) allowed
7. Which of the following is closest to the meaning of “purity” in line 11?
(A) integrity
(B) fragility
(C) dignity
(D) simplicity
8. According to the passage, all of the following are true of Surrealism EXCEPT?
(A) Surrealism was influenced by Dadaism.
(B) Surrealists believed that the unconscious played an important role in the creative process.
(C) Some Surrealist painters quit the official movement because of Andr Breton.
(D) Surrealism embraced Western culture.
9. The word “displayed” in line 13 is closest in meaning to which of the following?
(A) neglected
(B) replaced
(C) exhibited
(D) condemned
10. The word “dissent” in line 15 is closest inmeaning to which of the following?
(A) disagreement
(B) distress
(C) distraction
(D) discouragement
11. The phrase “breaking away” in line 16 means
(A) escaping
(B) separating
(C) defecting
(D) passing
12. Which of the following statements is best supported by this passage?
(A) Andr Breton founded art and literature in Paris.
(B) Andr Breton rejected Dadaism because of Nihilism.
(C) Andr Breton supported Miro in his painting.
(D) Andr Breton was a vital part of the Surrealist movement.


1. B                                               7. A

2. A                                              8. D

3. B                                               9. C 

4. B                                              10. A

5. C                                               11. B  

6. A                                               12. D   




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