TOEFL listening No 1

Hướng dẫn làm bài thi nghe TOEFL: Bài thi có 2 phần: Bài giảng và Đoạn hội thoại. Bạn chỉ được nghe đoạn hội thoại và bài giảng DUY NHẤT 1 LẦN. Bạn sẽ cần có 1 quyển sổ để ghi lại và bài thi sẽ không tính điểm quyển sổ của bạn. Bạn cần chú ý một số câu hỏi cần có kiến thức và liên tưởng logic. Hãy cố gắng làm tốt nhất có thể. Try the best of your ability
Now, after hearing the lecture about bee dance, answer these questions:
1). Which aspect of bee behavior does the professor mainly discuss?
 (A) Reproduction
 (B) Hibernation
 (C) Organization
 (D) Communication

2). Why does the professor mention radar?
 (A) To explain how bees know which way to fly
 (B) To show how a theory was proved correct
 (C) To illustrate problems with the waggle dance
 (D) To confirm the accuracy of the round dance

3). According to the professor, what does the waggle dance tell forager bees?
 (A) The distance of the food site from the hive
 (B) The exact location of the food at the site
 (C) How much food they will find at the site
 (D) The weather conditions at the food site

4). Which way should forager bees fly if a scout bee flies up the side of the beehive in a vertical line?
 (A) toward the west
 (B) between sun and moon
 (C) toward the sun
 (D) away from the sun

5). What does the professor imply when he says this: I don’t know how, but they did.
 (A) The scientists should have been more careful.
 (B) It is difficult to put transmitters on bees.
 (C) It is not a good idea to use radar with bees.
 (D) He does not know how transmitters work.

6). What can be inferred about how forager bees find food?
 (A) They rely solely on the information from the waggle dance.
 (B) They rely completely upon their senses of sight and smell.
 (C) They use the waggle dance to reach the area of the food.
 (D) They use their senses to find the exact location of food.
Now, after hearing the conversation between two students, answer these questions:
1). Why is the man taking this course?
 (A) It’s an elective.
 (B) It’s a required course.
 (C) It’s important to him.
 (D) It’s enjoyable for him.

2). Why is the woman taking this course?
 (A) It’s an elective.
 (B) It’s a required course.
 (C) It’s important to her.
 (D) It’s enjoyable for her.

3). What will they do next?
 (A) Buy their textbooks.
 (B) Email some information.
 (C) Save some money.
 (D) Listen to a lecture.

4). What is the purpose of this conversation?
 (A) To study the text together.
 (B) To pass time until class starts.
 (C) To share information about ecology.
 (D) To begin a relationship.

5). Why does the young woman say this: “I suppose that would teach, uh, fifth graders about the balance of nature”?
 (A) She thinks the game is educational.
 (B) She thinks the game is beneath the man.
 (C) She thinks the game is inappropriate.
 (D) She thinks the game is fun.

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